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Changes to Insurer Regulations

New Maryland Workers’ Compensation Regulations Increases Insurers’ Responsibilities

(May 2, 2018) Veronica N. Love, Associate.

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The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission held meetings over the past year regarding changes to the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) to help streamline the process of handling claims. Two changes to COMAR 14.09.12 specifically impacts Insurers in Maryland. Changes to Regulation .02 has increased the time that an insurer shall file a Notice of Insurance with the Commission from 30 days to 45 days.

Likewise, changes to Regulation .03 requires insurers that provide workers’ compensation insurance in Maryland to have competent individuals that reside in Maryland who shall: handle and adjust each disputed workers’ compensation claim for the insurer and have authority to resolve claims without having to routinely contact an out of state representative of the insurer, and possess the knowledge and experience to handle and adjust each disputed claim. This addition to the regulation intends for insurers handling workers’ compensation claims to have representatives who reside in Maryland and also have full claim authority.

These changes went into effect March 12, 2018.