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Insurer Must Defend Violation of Privacy

Maryland Court of Special Appeals finds that insurer must defend Rams Head in action alleging violation of privacy, but finds no duty to defend general manager in who plead guilty to violating privacy statute. Through its analysis, the Court provides a thorough discussion of how Maryland courts are to construe insurance contracts.

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Sovereign Immunity is Defense to Copyright Infringement

North Carolina appeals denial of motion to dismiss copyright infringement claims The Fourth Circuit found that the defense of sovereign immunity was applicable because the complaint against North Carolina contained insufficient evidence to establish that the state had expressly consented to suit in federal court.

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Bank Statements are not Hearsay

Defendant objected to the admissibility of bank statements and video surveillance of an ATM on the grounds that this evidence was hearsay and lacked the requisite authentication. In ruling that both pieces of evidence are admissible, the Court of Appeals provides a thorough discussion of the scope of the Maryland Rules of Evidence.

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