Law Links Program

The Baltimore City Law Links Internship program is sponsored by the Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland State Department of Education and is administered through the Citizenship Law-Related Education Program (CLREP) for the Schools of Maryland. Semmes is proud of its continued commitment to the program since its inception in 1994.

Program Mission

  • To provide paid summer employment for Baltimore City public high school students in law firms and law related agencies.
  • To provide an opportunity to the students who participate, to learn more about the professional world, the legal system, law office operations and personal interactions through their work experience and the Law & Leadership Institute.
  • To encourage the students to pursue higher education as part of their future goals.

How To Apply

Students can apply for a chance to participate in the program through their Baltimore City school. The student applicants are interviewed at the Maryland Bar Center for the select few positions available in the program.


The students who are selected as interns for the summer program are issued professional attire that they are to wear daily to the firms or agencies to which they are assigned. Prior to starting their positions, the selected interns are given instructions at the Law & Leadership Institute to prepare them for their work assignments. They are told about the types of tasks they might be required to perform, and what is expected of them as employees.

As employers, we are encouraged to make the intern's employment with us as varied as possible to give them a good understanding of the legal environment and the job opportunities that may be available in a law firm. The intern becomes an employee of the firm for the duration of the 7 to 8 week summer program and they are paid by the firm for the term of their internship.

The program is a great opportunity for the student interns as well as the employees of the firm that have the opportunity to work with them.