Summer Associates Program

Semmes recruits students from both local and national law schools to join us as Summer Associates. We generally invite 3-4 students to join our program from among the scores of excellent candidates we interview on-campus each fall. Each Summer Associate is paired with a Semmes Associate who serves as a mentor throughout the summer. The program typically runs 8-10 weeks in the summer.

Unlike many firms, our Summer Associates are not assigned to specific practice groups within the Firm. Rather, we encourage our Summer Associates to spend time working in all of our practice areas. This exposure provides an array of opportunities that our varied practice offers, yet maintains the flexibility to explore more fully a project or practice area of particular interest. This approach affords our Summer Associates the opportunity to work with our Principals, many of whom are recognized as leaders in their respective practice areas.

We make every effort to introduce our Summer Associates to the "real world" of practicing law by taking them to meetings with clients and expert witnesses, depositions, mediations, trials and other events that go beyond the usual fare of research and writing. Recognizing that today's Summer Associates will be the leaders of tomorrow's bar, we encourage our student professionals to participate actively in the variety of social activities presented each summer.

On-Campus Recruiting

Each fall, selected Semmes' attorneys meet with literally dozens of students from both local and national law schools in an effort to identify bright and dedicated professionals who welcome the challenges -- and rewards -- present in practicing at an elite law firm.

We look not only for promising Summer Associates, but for professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences whom we believe will make valued attorneys at Semmes for many years to come and who will make substantive and lasting contributions to their communities and the profession.

Many of our current Principals began their careers with Semmes as Summer Associates, a fact of which we are very proud. We look forward to meeting with you.