New Maryland Legislation

September, 2000

In the most recent legislative session, there were three bills approved by the Maryland Legislature that make important changes in the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Act.

Benefits for Permanent Partial Disability – Repeal of Sunset Provisions

House Bill 182 / Senate Bill 117 repeals the termination date for specified changes to the workers’ compensation benefit structure for permanent partial disability that exempt the loss of the thumb, fingers, and great toe from the lower tier of benefits and require the payment of benefits for the loss of the thumb, fingers, and great toe at the middle tier of benefits.

Offsets and Credits for Overpayment

House Bill 183 / Senate Bill 116 gives the Workers’ Compensation Commission discretion to order an offset or credit against an award for permanent partial disability benefits for temporary total or vocational rehabilitation benefits previously paid to a covered employee on or after June 1, 1999.

Continuing Jurisdiction of Commission While Case is On Appeal

House Bill 612 expands the circumstances under which the Workers’ Compensation Commission retains jurisdiction pending an appeal to include a request for temporary total benefits disability; authorizing the Commission, under specified circumstances, to pass a supplemental order that an employer provide temporary total benefits pending an appeal; providing that the insurer or self-insurer is entitled to an offset or credit for overpayment of benefits under specified circumstances; etc. House Bill 1141, which would not have permitted the offset or credit, was defeated.