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Should You Have A Revocable Trust?

March, 2006

A revocable (or “living”) trust is one you create during your lifetime, retaining the right to amend or revoke it during your life. Upon your death, the trust usually provides a format for distributing trust income and assets to the beneficiaries you have named, and thus acts as a “will substitute” with respect to trust assets. It can produce significant advantages. Property titled in the name of the trust avoids probate, for example.

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Gifting Tips

February, 2006

To get the maximum future value out of a future taxable estate, here are some gifting do’s and don’ts:

DO give appreciating property, or property with the greatest appreciation potential; keep the appreciation from adding to the giver’s taxable estate.

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Why You Need a Durable Power of Attorney

January, 2006

Although we hate to admit it, we’re all getting older. As time goes on, those trips to the bank get more inconvenient or downright difficult. Some day we will be unable or unwilling to take care of our business or financial matters, and will ask a spouse, trusted relative or friend to take care of them for us.

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