Maryland Appellate Court Examines Statute of Limitations Defenses Applicable to a Petition to Compel Arbitration

May 2022

In Park Plus, Inc. v. Palisades of Towson, LLC and Encore Development Corp., No. 7, Sept. Term, 2021, ___A.3d ___, 2022 WL 883679, available here, the Court of Appeals of Maryland held that, without language in an arbitration agreement providing otherwise, a petition to compel arbitration filed under the Maryland Uniform Arbitration Act (“MUAA”), Md. Code Ann., Courts and Judicial Proceedings (“CJ”) §§ 3-201, et…

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An Overview of Snap Removal

April 2022

Removal is the procedure for a party in a state-court action to move the lawsuit to federal court. For removal to be proper, a federal district court must possess subject matter jurisdiction over the case. Primarily, federal district courts possess subject-matter jurisdiction over claims where a plaintiff alleges a cause of action arising under federal law, and claims where the matter in controversy exceeds $75,000,…

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West Virginia Establishes Intermediate Appellate Court; Eliminates WV Office of Judges in Workers’ Compensation Claims

April 2021 | By James S. Maloney

For a number of years, the creation of an intermediate appellate court in West Virginia has been considered and debated. However, the most recent West Virginia legislative session finally resulted in the creation of an intermediate appellate court. The creation of the Court will have an impact on litigation in terms of workers’ compensation matters in the State.

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