The Semmes Spotlight: A Q&A with the Illustrious Semmes Attorney Paul Farquharson

January 2024 | By Simone T. Fair

Attorney Simone Fair sat down with principal Paul Farquharson for a wide-ranging conversation about everything from his interest in the law to his taste in literature to the superpower he would most like to have. Q: What led you to specialize in litigation? Farquharson: That was my vision of what lawyers did. That lawyers litigate and lawyers try cases. Q: If you could choose a…

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Questioning the Constitutionality of the Maryland Child Victims Act of 2023

January 2024 | By Stephen S. McCloskey and Marcus K. Jones

Principal Stephen McCloskey and associate Marcus Jones authored an article for The Legal Intelligencer on potential constitutional challenges to the recently enacted Maryland Child Victims Act of 2023. Below is a synopsis of the article, which you can read in full on If you have questions about the Act and how it may impact your organization, please contact Stephen McCloskey at Maryland’s Child…

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The Eternal Question – Revocable “Living” Trust or Will?

December 2023 | By Carl E. Eastwick and Elizabeth A. Fitch

Revocable living trusts have been marketed so successfully that many people think they can’t live—or die—without one. The promises of avoiding probate, ensuring privacy, reducing estate taxes, and preparing for incapacity seem too enticing to pass up. Suze Orman, the popular financial guru, goes so far as to say that “everyone” needs a revocable living trust. But what everyone really needs is some good advice.

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The Semmes Spotlight: A Q&A with Firm Chairman Thomas McCarron

October 2023

The authors of the Semmes Litigation Update sat down with the firm’s chairman, Thomas McCarron, to discuss his personal and professional life, from what inspired him to go down the legal path to his thoughts on emerging trends in the industry. Q:  Can you tell the newsletter a little about yourself and your background? McCarron: I was born in Maryland just outside of Washington, D.C.…

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Marijuana in Maryland: Adult-Use Cannabis Complicates the Legal Landscape for Employers and Employees

October 2023 | By Zachary D. Schlein

On July 1, 2023, Maryland joined 22 states and the District of Columbia in allowing adults 21 and older to purchase cannabis products for recreational use (in limited quantities and from licensed dispensaries), via the Cannabis Reform Act (HB556/SB516). Green thumbs in the blue crab state may also cultivate up to two cannabis plants in their homes out of public view. Although the move to…

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Maryland Premises Liability Law in the Modern Age of American Mass Shootings

October 2023 | By Richard J. Medoff

With recent mass shooting events dominating news headlines across the United States, it can seem as though gun violence has become ubiquitous in American life. And statistics sadly confirm that mass shootings have become a daily occurrence, with 2023 on pace to be one of the worst years for mass shootings in the U.S. on record. According to data from the Gun Violence Archive, a…

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