Semmes Featured in’s Legal Intelligencer Article

August 2023 | By Todd E. Saucedo and Hudson T. Sauls

Todd E. Saucedo and Hudson T. Sauls recently authored an article for’s Legal Intelligencer on the proposed legislation in Washington D.C. and its impact on workers’ comp claims in other jurisdictions. Todd and Hudson provided a comprehensive overview of the recent legislative changes impacting the realm of workers' compensation in the District of Columbia. The District has witnessed a transformative moment with the enactment…

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Navigating Risk: Advising Clients on Construction Defect Coverage and CGL Policies

February 2023

Matthew McDaniel suggests that a strong risk management plan is as important as blueprints and permits when preparing for large construction projects. He advises businesses to take time before breaking ground to understand the scope and extent of the coverages and exclusions available in their insurance policies to identify potential gaps in coverage. In an article for the Legal Intelligencer titled “Navigating Risk: Advising Clients…

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New Worker’s Compensation Legislation Affects How D.C. Handles Benefits Paid and Received by a Claimant in Another Jurisdiction

January 2023

A new emergency piece of legislation will affect how Washington, D.C., handles a credit for benefits paid and received by a workers’ compensation claimant in another jurisdiction. The new law essentially permits claimants who file in D.C. to still pursue benefits under the Act even if they have received an order/benefits from a sister jurisdiction. The law in D.C. has been interpreted for over 20 years…

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Maryland’s Highest Court to Undergo Name Change Dec. 14

November 2022

On November 8, 2022, Maryland voters overwhelmingly voted to support changing the names of Maryland’s Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals. The Court of Appeals, Maryland’s highest court, will be renamed the Supreme Court of Maryland. Additionally, those serving in the highest court will have a title change from judge to justice. The Court of Special Appeals will be changed to the Appellate…

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Insurance Perils For Health Providers Using 3D-Printing Tech

November 2022 | By Paul N. Farquharson

Originally published by Law 360  A recent report has highlighted the burgeoning demand for medical polymers used in the 3D printing of medical devices. The report, issued by UnivDatos Market Insights, disclosed that the medical polymer market had a value of nearly $16 billion in 2020. The market is expected to grow at an annual compounded rate of at least 8% through 2027. Consequently, we can…

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Marijuana Is Legal in Your State, Do the Employer and Insurer Have to Pay for It?

October 2022 | By Barry D. Bernstein

Originally published in The Legal Intelligencer  Many injured employees believe that because marijuana is legal in their state, it means that the employer and insurer will have to pay for it. This is not correct.  The Controlled Substance Act is a federal law that prohibits the use of marijuana as a scheduled I controlled substance. Therefore, the question that needs to be decided is whether the federal…

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