Imran Shaukat Interviewed by Authority Magazine

Imran Shaukat was interviewed by Authority Magazine as part of the interview series “5 Things You Need to Become a Top Lawyer in Your Specific Field of Law.”

Imran credited his success as a maritime lawyer to three things: Exposure to different cultures through his young adult years; not being afraid to ask for help; and his involvement in trade associations, nonprofits, and professional associations.

According to Imran, the following are the five most important factors to success in the practice of law:

  1. Becoming involved outside of the office: All lawyers should get involved in professional groups in the industries they would like to serve.
  1. Work hard: Always take time to learn and improve your skills.
  1. Be kind: Being a zealous advocate does not mean that you must personally attack your adversary.
  1. Listen first, think second, respond third: Listen well, make sure you understand what is being said, and take time to determine what someone does or does not mean.
  1. Make the time to do things that you love: Success does not come from focusing on work exclusively. Making time for the things that you love is important and will ultimately lead to better work.

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