Imran Shaukat Elected Director of the Maritime Law Association of the United States

Semmes is pleased to announce Principal Imran Shaukat has been elected to serve a three-year term as Director of the Maritime Law Association of the United States.

Imran focuses his practice on litigation involving maritime-related matters and is active in several maritime organizations. He will continue to serve as Chair of the Maritime Law Association’s Continuing Legal Education Committee.

Founded in 1899, the MLA focuses on improvements in U.S. maritime law.  The MLA’s goals include advancing reforms to maritime law, facilitating justice and uniformity in the administration of the law, and serving as a forum for discussion of issues affecting maritime law. The MLA seeks to collaborate with other associations to bring about greater harmony in shipping laws, regulations, and practices of different nations.

MLA membership consists of lawyers involved in maritime matters, judges active in matters involving admiralty issues, admiralty law professors, and non-lawyers selected based on their positions in the maritime field.