Changing Rules for Video in the Courtroom

The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission is updating their audio/visual equipment, procedures and requirements. They will replace courtroom televisions with flat-screen televisions, and DVD/VCR players with wireless display systems. All media will be played from your laptop computer. HDMI and VGA cables, as well as convertors for Apple laptops, will be provided by the Commission.

They are rolling out this new technology gradually and will post web notices as equipment is replaced in each site. As of January 26, 2018, the equipment at each site is as follows:

Peerless system (connect your laptop to the courtroom television to play videos) – Abingdon
DVD/VCR (videos must be on DVD or VHS tape to play on the courtroom television) – Baltimore, Beltsville. Cambridge, Frederick, LaPlata.

As a result, Semmes advises our clients to be sure that private investigators bring their own respective laptop computers to Commission hearings.