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J. Snowden Stanley, Jr. Article Archives

Practical Construction Law For Maryland Contractors

July, 2017 | By J. Snowden Stanley, Jr.

This article offers Maryland contractors and subcontractors a practical outline of some of the legal principles applicable to their daily business activities in an effort to help them anticipate problems and to be better equipped to resolve potential disputes with a minimum of difficulty and expense. A limited outline such as this cannot provide legal…

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Early Neutral Evaluation: An Additional Tool for Resolving Disputes

January, 2012 | By J. Snowden Stanley, Jr.

There are numerous methods available to avoid the time and expense of a trial before a judge or jury if the parties to a dispute wish to do so but are unable to resolve their differences by direct negotiation. Mediation and arbitration are two examples of such devices which can be very useful in this effort. Early neutral evaluation is another tool which has been employed with success in certain areas and can be adapted to assist the parties in focusing their efforts on real issues in a dispute and in achieving settlement if they wish to do so.

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Fraudulent Foreign Death Claims Present Challenges to Life Insurers

February, 2007 | By J. Snowden Stanley, Jr.

For some years, the life insurance industry has dealt with the question of whether death claims originating in underdeveloped, tumultuous regions of the world were legitimate or fraudulent. These claims continue to present real challenges to insurers. This article reviews the case law addressing death claims originating in foreign countries and analyzes the evidentiary concerns involved.

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“Easy’s Getting Harder Every Day”

Social Security and Workers' Compensation Offsets - Legal and Practical Effect on Claims for Individual and Group Disability and Pension Benefits

February, 2005 | By J. Snowden Stanley, Jr.

This paper will discuss the resolution of some of the more common disputes which have arisen over the efforts to offset Social Security or Workers’ Compensation payments from disability or pension plan benefits.

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