New Workers’ Compensation Rates for 2018

January, 2018  | By Julie D. Murray

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The Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission has set the new workers’ compensation rates for 2018.

For injuries occurring on or after January 1, 2018, the following maximum weekly compensation rates are effective in Maryland:

Temporary Total and
Vocational Rehabilitation: $ 1,094.00
Temporary Partial: $547.00
First Tier (1-74 weeks) $ 183.00
Second Tier (75/249 weeks) $ 36.00
Serious Disability (250+ weeks) $ 821.00
Permanent Total $1,094.00

District of Columbia Workers’ Compensation Rates for 2018 (January 2018)

The District of Columbia Department of Employment Services has set the new maximum and minimum compensation rates for 2018.

Beginning January 1, 2018, the maximum compensation rate has increased to $1,469.95. The minimum rate has increased to $367.48. This represents a 1.7% increase from last year’s rates.

In addition, in accordance with D.C. Code §32-1506, claimants who are permanently totally disabled and any dependents receiving indemnity payments in amounts that are less than the new maximum receive a supplemental allowance increase equal to 1.7% of the current benefit amount.