Associate Derek M. Van de Walle Authors Article on Bloodhound Evidence

December, 2021 | By Derek M. Van de Walle

Derek M. Van de Walle, an Associate in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group, recently authored an article for The Baltimore Barrister, a quarterly publication of the Bar Association of Baltimore. The article, titled “Scents and Culpability: Bloodhounds in the Courtroom,” highlights the role of the bloodhound in the legal world, including the admissibility of bloodhound…

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West Virginia Establishes Intermediate Appellate Court; Eliminates WV Office of Judges in Workers’ Compensation Claims

April, 2021 | By James S. Maloney

For a number of years, the creation of an intermediate appellate court in West Virginia has been considered and debated. However, the most recent West Virginia legislative session finally resulted in the creation of an intermediate appellate court. The creation of the Court will have an impact on litigation in terms of workers’ compensation matters in the State.

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Implications for COVID-19 Vaccine Complications in the District of Columbia

January, 2021 | By Julie D. Murray

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued the first emergency use authorization for a vaccine to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine through emergency use authorization. During the approval process, members of the FDA committee expressed concern regarding adverse reactions to the vaccine. The FDA reports the most common solicited adverse reactions were…

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