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Estate Planning, Probate & Trusts

Semmes’ Estate Planning, Probate and Trusts Practice Group develops estate plans that reflect the client’s personal goals and aspirations. The Group’s attorneys and paralegals help people arrange for the protection and the eventual orderly transfer of their material wealth. When the time comes, they can take on the lion’s share of the burden of settling the estate.

The Group helps their clients organize their business and personal affairs in a sensible way in order to reduce exposure to the claims of creditors. They work with clients to pull together a plan for the passing on of their wealth upon death, hopefully with a minimum transfer tax cost. They help executors and trustees navigate the rocks and shoals of probate and trust administration.

It is a people oriented practice. The Group’s efforts are directed toward helping clients gain confidence and peace of mind concerning the transmission of their wealth and to relieve some of the stress that inevitably follows a death.

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