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Class Action Litigation

Beginning with the late 1970s, the use of class actions to resolve disputes has grown exponentially. Semmes’ involvement in defending class action litigation has grown commensurately. Semmes’ attorneys have been involved in defending class actions on local, regional and national levels.

In addition to defending the more “routine” class actions pursued on behalf of injured plaintiffs, Semmes’ attorneys have provided advice and counsel with respect to defending limited fund class actions. Most recently, Semmes has been involved in the diet drug litigation, tobacco litigation, and historically has represented several clients in both asbestos and other personal injury class action litigation.

Semmes’ representation of clients facing class action lawsuits extends beyond the mere defense of the claims. Semmes’ attorneys are experienced in the use of class action procedures and mechanisms to resolve potentially crippling litigation under the appropriate circumstances. Such expertise is essential in today’s litigation arena where creative and aggressive solutions are a necessity for survival.

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